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Simple Spiritual Engagement


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1. I undertake to live a moment at a time and one day at a time. To live each day fully and consciously, being and doing my best. Every day is a new day, a new page in life.

2. I undertake to learn a new thing every day and will apply it in my life. I learn from my mistakes, and I grant me the right to wrong me, because that is the only way to learn. I am patient with myself, and I celebrate each success, also small is it.

3. I undertake to know myself more, by meditation, by the knowledge of itself, by the reading of my being. I listen to my inner voice, because it is me, it is my heart. My heart is my deep thought, he knows and understands what I want and what I truly believe.

4. I undertake to be happy and to spread happiness around me, such a sweet fragrance that illuminates the face of those I work with. I'm not looking for happiness, I am and I practice the smiling and being calm all the time, despite the adversities that may occur on my way.

5. I undertake to live on the way of knowledge, of emotional, mental and spiritual intelligence. I note and I inform me on the nature of things and I put in application teaching in agreement with my present knowledge of things. By knowledge, I will understand myself better and I will better understand the world in which I live. All contacts between them, the plant to man. Everything is information.

6. I am committed to living a life of balance, a life of moderation. I understand that life is based on harmony and that the happiness of heart and peace of mind cannot be mine, if I find the middle way in my life. I can allow me to some excess from time to time, because this is the spice of life, but if I live in excess every day, I'll find the chaos and misery in my life.

7 I will be a candle of light which illuminates and in turn on others, because I am and we are all brothers and sisters of lights, we are all an extension of the Source of life, the divine spirit of the universal consciousness.

8. I will live my life in creativity, because I am a being creative and imaginative. I deploy my creativity in painting, in writing, in the arts in all forms. I left my heart to express themselves in these creations and thus I find great satisfaction in my soul.

9. I will live my life according to what I think for me and others. I put my talent, my knowledge and my experience at the service of humanity. I live for my sake and for the good of all.

10. I undertake in the natural way. In the way of nature, because I am part of mother nature. I live in the way of simplicity, I simplify my life and sees the simplicity in all things. I recognize the divine spirit in all things. I recognize that my nature is double. I am a spirit-body. I accept me like this, because I cannot go against that I am. This would be lying to myself. My body allows me to interact in this world of form and beauty, and my mind allows me to see, hear and feel all these wonderful thing that the divine spirit create by imagination unfathomable and infinite love for its creation.

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